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BlastZone2 Gameplay Features


Play All 6 Game Modes:

  • BlastZone 1 - Recreation of the original TI-85 game; a simple “defend the base” style game

  • Mission Mode - A 35 minute long, 8 mission cinematic experience with hundreds of unique hand animated enemies and big bosses. Includes unique 3D gameplay mechanics and a 2nd person shooter area!

  • Classic A Mode - A greatly enhanced version of BlastZone 1; a “defend the base” style game with beam weapons and a points chain system. Destroy all enemies before they pass your ship or it is game over.

  • Classic B Mode - Similar to Classic A, but with a points pool system; every action either adds to or subtracts from the points value and the player needs to stop the game at the right point to get a high score. The game keeps getting tougher; get too cocky and you could lose it all!

  • Survival Mode - Similar control scheme to Mission Mode, but with infinitely generated levels and a unique multiplier scoring system that depends on skill shots to get the best score.

  • Blitz Mode - Similar to Survival Mode, but massively increases the number of enemies on screen and gives you a fully powered ship from the start to combat them. The key to this mode is to maintain hyper power to keep those weapons powered; running out of energy can mean certain death from the large swarms of enemies!


Additional Features include:

  • 2D controls, but with hazards and gameplay elements moving around in full 3D space
  • Cooperative multiplayer both local and online for 2 players
  • Unlock the full power of your ship with hyper mode and unleash the devastating power of the omega cannon!
  • Multiple difficulty levels designed for new players up to genre veterans so everyone can have fun
  • 4 expansive game play environments, such as mountains, caves, and outer space
  • 7 selectable ships with different play styles (power, speed, melee, etc)
  • 15 weapon types including beams, cluster grenades, force fields, power bolts, and machine guns
  • Hundreds of different enemy types, each with different behaviors and stats
  • An online world leaderboard to see how you stack up to the competition
  • A Turbo mode for each of the survival modes for experienced gamers
  • Additional levels and content to be released for free




More Info About Game Modes


Classic A

If you were wondering what the original BlastZone was like, this game mode has what you’re looking for.  This gamemode is beam-based and the objective is to destroy all the enemies before they pass by your ship.  The one thing you don’t have to worry about is enemies crashing into your ship, since there is no health bar, only lives that are deducted for each enemy missed.  The beams at your disposal are very powerful and can kill any enemy with a single hit, but each of them vary in size and longevity of the blast to affect how many enemies you can sweep across with a single stroke.  Also, since this is a survival gamemode, the game runs infinitely long until you lose, thus making the primary objective to get a high score.



Weapon 1 – Standard Laser

The beam you start off with and will use the most is the standard laser beam.  This beam is very narrow and can only be sustained for very short periods of time.  The main advantage of this beam is that it has infinite ammo, but with a short cooldown time between each shot, which is illustrated by a charge meter at the bottom of the screen.  Also, since this beam requires the most skill to use, it has the greatest points potential.  Each successful hit on an enemy increases the current hit chain and the higher your chain, the more points you get per hit.  However, if you miss with the laser, your chain is reset back to zero, thus greatly reducing the potential amount of points you can gain.  An added side bonus for skillful uses of the laser is awarded if you can hit two enemies at once with the very short discharge time of the weapon.



Weapon 2 – Wide Beam

The second beam you gain is the wide beam which is only available after wave2 in the full version of BlastZone2, but is always available in the demo.  This beam is much wider and can be sustained for longer periods of time than the standard laser.  This allows the player to sweep across several enemies at once when used properly.  Another advantage to this weapon is that it can be used even when the laser charge bar has not reached the top yet, allowing the player to throw in an extra quick shot if the laser cannot fire fast enough.  However, there are a few disadvantages to using this weapon.  The first is that using this weapon immediately resets your current points chain to zero, so this should only be used in emergencies when the normal laser isn’t good enough for a particular situation.  The second disadvantage is that there is limited ammo for this weapon, so each shot should be carefully placed so none are wasted.



Weapon 3 – Omega Cannon

The Omega Cannon is a marvel of destructive power and can easily wipeout the entire screen of enemies.  However, this uses 3 units of ammo, so it should only be used as a last resort when the standard laser and wide beam are not good enough for a fast barrage of enemies. This weapon can only be used starting on wave 5 and is not available in the demo.





Classic B

This gamemode plays very similar to Classic A, but with a unique points system.  This gamemode offers greater potential rewards over Classic A for each action you take, but has point penalties for making mistakes, such as letting enemies pass by or using high powered weapons too often.  What this means is that there is no distinct “Ammo” or “Lives”, as everything do you has an effect on your points tally.  The trick to this gamemode is to learn your level of skill and stop the game when you think you have reached your limits.  Pushing your limits can either show that you are improving more than you think, or may have a great penalty on your score.




Mission Mode

This game mode is closer to the traditional side-scrolling shooter formula, with a set of predefined levels and various bosses and mini bosses along the way.  However, mission mode in BlastZone2 offers the faster, more intense, and more skill based gameplay elements that the game focuses on.  Similar to Survival mode, the player can choose from a variety of ship types, each with varying stats and abilities.  However, Mission mode has upgradeable stats that are attained by picking up powerups dropped from fallen enemies.



Available Ship Types:

  • A1 - The Eviscerator - This is a light and fast ship, but has weak armor. This ship was designed for the expert player with lightning fast reflexes. In multiplayer, this ship is ideal for protecting the slower, more powerful ships, as this ship can charge up its best weapons very quickly.

  • A2 - The Vorpal Fighter - This is a moderately fast ship with a smaller reduction in armor. This ship is ideal for players who like fast gameplay, but don't like the fragility of the Eviscerator.

  • A3 - The Eagle Eye - This is the "jack of all trades" average ship that has a variety of different weapon types. This includes moderately fast and light weapons, moderately powerful weapons, and a melee attack. This ship is ideal for newer players who want a taste of everything to see which style of play they prefer. This ship is also very versatile and adaptive to many different situations.

  • B1 - The Phalanx - This is a moderately armored ship that focuses in melee combat. The primary weapon is a short range burst shot that is powerful, but cannot hit enemies at a distance. There is a single long range weapon that can be used in a pinch, but is usually not the best strategy with this ship. The ultimate weapon for this ship is a forcefield that nullifies all incoming damage and allows your ship to be used as a battering ram to smash through all enemies in your way.

  • B2 - The Behemoth - This is the most heavily armored ship in the game, but it comes at the cost of also being very slow. This ship has a powerful melee attack to prevent enemies from crashing into it, since you won't be able to dodge much with this ship. The weaponry focus on a variety of exploder and cluster bomb attacks that have a sizable area of effect for destroying enemies.

  • AB1 - The Devastator - This ship strikes a balance between having boosted weapon power and moderately boosted armor to make it more rugged in battle. The weaponry consist of a combination of medium ranged bomb attacks and long ranged powerful projectiles. This ship is ideal for players who want a very powerful ship that is also versatile in a number of situations.

  • AB2 - The Obliterator - This is the most powerful ship in the game, focusing on high powered weaponry above all else. The weapon loadout of this ship focuses heavily on beam attacks for maximum damage, but this comes at the cost of a very slow charging speed. This is the only ship in the game with access to the immensely powerful Omega Cannon, which can wipe out nearly the entire screen of enemies. However, this ship is vulnerable while chanrging its weapons, so the optimal strategy is to have another player protect you to buy you time. Only a well coordinated strategy will allow you to take full advantage of what this ship has to offer.



This gamemode plays much closer to what you would expect from a common 2D shooter, but has been modified to make use of Survival-based gameplay elements.  This gamemode maintains the infinite waves of enemies from the Classic gamemodes and the enemies are spawned in different patterns every time you play.  The same selection of ships from Mission mode are available in this mode, so it is a good opportunity to experiment with different playstyles to see what is the most effective for you.  Also, depending on which difficulty you choose, the various enemy types will appear at different points in the game.


The enemies you face in this gamemode range from standard enemies with linear movement, but fire both normal and tracking shots as they fly by, to enemies that fly up and down as they quickly move across the screen. Some enemies keep a distance from you and fire rapidly to put more of a focus on bullet dodging. There are also multiple types of seeker enemies that can lock on to your position and hurl themselves at you very quickly. These range from a basic linear flight path toward you, to vertical lock ons, to enemies that dive at you multiple times.


The weapons available in this gamemode are the same as Mission mode, depending on the ship you choose listed above. The Fire1 buttons can be held down to rapidly fire your primary weapon. Secondary fire is used by tapping the Fire2 button, and charge shots can be fired by holding the Fire2 button until the desired weapon is ready, as there are 2 charge levels. However, the best part comes when you get to wave 7+ and you unlock “Hyper Mode”.  This mode takes much longer to charge, but the charge rate can be increased by not firing your weapons. This creates a balance between combating immediate threats and making yourself vulnerable for a big payoff later. Once Hyper Mode is achieved, all the stats of your ship are greatly enhanced for a short period of time, and you have access to your ship's unique Hyper Loadout of weapons. Each of these weapons can be fired immediately, but they consume your Hyper Power, so they should be used wisely.


Survival Mode also includes a skill-based multiplier system. Hitting or destroying enemies with charge shots increase your multiplier, and getting hit reduces your multiplier. Also, hitting enemies with regular shots maintains your multiplier, otherwise you multiplier will gradually decrease over time. Points pickups boost your multiplier as well. There is a maximum multiplier of 16x, so the optimal strategy is to reach that multiplier as quickly as possible, then maintain it without letting it drop. Be careful though, as losing a life will reset the multiplier back to 1x.





Blitz Mode

This game mode starts with the Survival Mode formula, then greatly ramps up the intensity! There are very large swarms of enemies in this game mode, but your ship is fully unlocked from the start and powered up to even the odds. Your Hyper Mode power charge rate is greatly increased in this mode as well, especially when not fiting any weapons. The main strategy to succeed in this game mode is to attain hyper moode as quick as possible, then maximize the amount of enemies you take out from each use of your super weapons. Some enemies will drop points powerups that also boost your Hyper power. This is critical to maintaining your hyper power and strategically using your super weapons. If you can't maintain your Hyper power, you will lose hyper mode and be vulnerable to the large swarms of enemies who can easily overwhelm you! You can recharge your hyper power, but you might die before that happens!





An extra effort has been done for BlastZone2 to make its multiplayer a unique experience.  As with most shooters, multiplayer consists of turning each of the game modes into a cooperative experience so that both players can work together to defeat the final boss of mission mode or get a combined high score in the survival modes.  However, what makes things different in BlastZone2 are the extra teamwork-based elements added to the mix.  Most of this is based on the fact that the ships the two players can choose from can compliment each other in different ways.  One example of this is if one player chooses a light, fast, support ship, and the other player chooses a slower, heavy gunner ship, using the strengths of each ship to benefit the other.  Since the heavy gunner ship takes much longer to charge its guns, it needs the lighter support ship to defend it during that process.  Therefore, if the support ship can defend the heavy gunner long enough, the heavy gunner’s weapons will reach maximum potency and deal a tremendous amount of damage.